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Classes available during the day, evenings and weekends

Accelerated classes, earn up to 12 hours in one weekend

What are Co-Parenting Classes?

In Co-Parenting Classes you will learn:

  • Practical advice on ways to increase your child’s protective factors and reduce risk factors
  • To decrease the negative effects of divorce for your child
  • Become aware of your child’s loyalty conflicts
  • To keep your children out of the conflict
  • Strategies to keep your child out of the middle
  • Strengthen communication skills to improve your interactions with your children and the other parent.
  • The steps in creating an effective, child-focused, cooperative parenting plan
  • How your child or teen is affected by the divorce, according to age and developmental stage
  • Classes focus on child development and the needs of your child or teen growing up in two household
  • Understand what your child and teen needs during the separation-divorce process
  • Help your child and teen understand and adjust to divorce
  • Learn how to create smooth transitions between two homes
  • Learn dispute resolution and conflict management skills to reduce conflict for your children
  • Learn how to reduce stress for yourself and your children
  • Learn the signs and symptoms that indicate your child or teen is in distress and needs help
  • Learn strategies to make custody and divorce conflicts easier for your children and you
  • Develop skills to become a stronger, more effective parent during and after the divorce

For more information about one of our classes, call:

424 239 6472

We have offices throughout Los Angeles, the Valley and South Bay
near public transportation.

Services are provided in safe, private,
comfortable and confidential offices


Group or Individual sessions are available
during the day, evenings and weekends.

In addition, we offer Tele-mental health services:
Online and Telephone Counseling.

We offer Accelerated Programs:

Saturday and Sunday Classes
up to 12 hours of classes

Day & Evening Classes
Up to 6 hours

For more information or to register for a class, call:
(424) 239-6472

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