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The Good Divorce

While you are no longer married, you are partners in the parenting of your children and will be for the rest of your lives.

Is it possible to have a good divorce?

Yes, it is possible.

Parents who have an amicable divorce put their children's needs above their own needs, keep the children out of the middle of their conflicts, make sure there is no interruption in parenting, work cooperatively with their Ex and relate to each other in a business-like way
Why do I need to attend parenting classes if I am going through a Divorce?
  • According to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, parents in Los Angeles County that are going through a divorce or separation are REQUIRED to attend a parenting class, if they are unable to agree on a parenting plan.
Divorced Parent  Child with divorced parents
What does psychology have to do with my divorce?
  • About 30 to 40 percent of those going through a divorce report a significant increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety. The initiator of the divorce often experiences fear, relief, distance, impatience, resentment, doubt, and guilt. Likewise, when a person has not initiated the divorce, they may feel shock, betrayal, loss of control, victimization, decreased self- esteem, insecurity, anger, a desire to revenge, and wishes to reconcile.
  • Divorced individuals are three times as likely to commit suicide as married individuals.
  • Divorced couples have lower happiness, more symptoms of psychological distress, and poorer self concepts.
  • Divorced individuals are more prone to suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and anxiety.
  • High Conflict
    • Couples going through a high conflict divorce may experience the same symptoms as above. However, there may be a higher degree of negative feelings, anger, and displayed hostility.

What are some of the physiological symptoms I may experience during my divorce?

    • Divorce has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, pneumonia, and high blood pressure. Stress-induced damage to the cardiovascular system and abnormal immunological responses also make couples more vulnerable to illness, including cancer.

What types of treatments or interventions might help me through my divorce?

    • Family Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Support Groups
    • Parenting Group
    • High- Conflict Parenting Group
    • Co-Parenting Class
    • Individual therapy
    • Group Therapy
    • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
    • Divorce Coaching and Counseling


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