DAZ Older Adults

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DAZ offers treatment for
for older adults who are experiencing: 

Depression or Suicidal Ideation
Mental Illness
Difficulty Coping with Stress
Complicated Bereavement
Grief & Loss
Substance Abuse Problems or Other Addictions
Difficulty Coping with Chronic or Terminal Illnesses
Difficulty Coping with a Loved One who has Dementia or
other mental or physical conditions

Some of the Evidence Based Treatment Approaches that we use include:
CBT - cognitive behavioral therapy
DBT - dialectical behavioral therapy
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga
Art Therapy
Support Groups
Individual counseling and coaching
Couples and Family Therapy

 Supportive and Psycho-educational Services
for Family or Professional Caregivers
of Older Adults
with Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

Millions of older Americans are afflicted with
Alzheimer's Disease or a related disorder.  More than half of those affected
are cared for in the community by family members or professional
caregivers. The number of caregivers is expected to increase
significantly as the population ages. 
Caregivers of people with Alzheimer's or related disorders
often face significant emotional distress, as well as
extreme physical and/or financial difficulties.  In some cases,
caregivers must deal with the depression, hopelessness, agitation or hostility,
or even the emotional or physical abuse from
the person receiving care.

Support for the Caregiver during the care-giving process
is essential to the Caregiver's mental and physical
well being. 

DAZ Therapists use interventions
from an Evidence-Based Program called REACH,
Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver's Health,
when helping professional or family caregivers.

REACH interventions are designed to:

 - reduce caregiver burden and depression,

- improve caregivers' ability to provide self-care,

- provide caregivers with social support,

- and help caregivers learn how to manage
difficult behaviors in care recipients.


For more information on treatment for older adults
or about support for caregivers, call:

424 239- 6472

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