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What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

Walk and Talk Therapy is a unique form of therapy that combines traditional psychotherapy with the movement  of walking. Outdoor therapy has been found to strengthen the connection between the mind and the body. It is an effective approach for coping with depression, anxiety, stress, family, life & health issues. A number of studies have demonstrated a positive relationship between walking and mental health. 

We focus on helping clients resolve
 current problems quickly.

    Our therapists are solution focused.    

You make the “weather call”.

You select the day and time.

     You can choose to meet in one of our offices located in

      West Los Angeles, Marina del Rey,
Torrance, Long Beach, Santa Monica

 We are available week-days and  weekends.

  • Benefits of Walk & Talk Therapy:    

    •  Reduce tension and anxiety
    •  Improve mood
    •  Increase energy
    •  Cope with stress
    •  Improve sleep
    •  Increase feelings of well-being
    •  Improve self-image

    Today's fast-paced, demanding life often does not leave room for us to breathe. The process of walking slows us down while helping us to be mindful and practice being in the moment, and in our bodies. Many clients feel that Walk and Talk Therapy is a more relaxed environment than the counseling office. Others state that it is a great way to jump start or support a more active lifestyle.


    Clients state that sessions reduce stress, make them feel better instantly and increase overall feelings of calm. This can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone: improving your physical and emotional well being. Walking while sharing your struggles and life stories can be meditative and help you to get grounded.

    Being physically and emotionally present allows us to practice not rushing through our lives but truly experiening it. Movement helps both the client and therapist to stay present, attuned and active in the process of change. The science of walking enhances the "happy" brain chemicals released through endorphins.

    Most everyone can participate as long as there are no medical reasons to prevent you from walking—mothers with children in strollers, those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, teens who more than any other population need to have movement and often process emotions and issues through play and movement.


    For more information on

    Walk & Talk Therapy, call:


    424 239 6472


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