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What are High-Conflict Parenting Classes? Or Parenting Without Conflict?

These classes may have been mandated by the judge during a custody hearing, or recommended by a DCFS worker.
  • Divorces that involve custody battles are difficult and emotionally upsetting for all family members, especially the children.
  • In the worst case scenario, divorce leads to parental alienation.
  • Parental alienation is a type of post-divorce conflict in which one parent goes to great lengths to turn a child against the other parent by brainwashing. The child also participates in denigrating the Alienated Parent and protecting the Alienating Parent.
  • If the class was court ordered, a certificate of completion must be provided to the judge, stating that the parents completed a certain number of high-conflict parenting classes.
  • In high-conflict cases, the judge may order a Child Custody Evaluation to help decide the custody arrangement and visitation plan.
  • High- Conflict Parenting classes will prepare you for the evaluation. The evaluator is usually a licensed social worker or psychologist who will make an extensive report to the court. The evaluator works for the court with the task to make a professional evaluation and recommendation to the court.
  • The Letter of Completion also helps give the judge, as well as all family professionals involved, confidence that the parents are able to support their children effectively in the transition through divorce.

Why do I need to attend high-conflict parenting classes?

High- conflict parenting classes are needed when the parental conflict after divorce involves verbal and physical aggression, overt hostility, distrust, and significant emotional distress.
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