Supervised Visitation

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DAZ Foundation provides Supervised Visitation
and Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
for those who are court ordered to have
monitored visits with their children


What is Therapeutic Supervised Visitation? (TSV)

TSV is similar to a tradition monitored visit between parent and child except that a therapist is involved in supervising and guiding the visit. A separate monitor may also be present with the therapist.

TSV provides structured, interactive guidance on the parent-child interaction, with a focus on positive parenting education and skills, the attachment between parent and child, and behavioral management.

TSV is non-confidential. Therapist-patient privilege does not apply.

Goals of Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

To provide a protected visitation and a therapeutic intervention be-tween the child and the parent.

To assist children and their families in maintaining or re-establishing relationships that are healthy and safe for the child.

To assist children in the transition to different family structures, while providing safety for the child.

To provide custody evaluators and treatment professionals with information for visitation and treatment planning.

To actively assist the parent and child to re-engage in a relationship that has been interrupted by the court process.

To ensure that the guidelines set by the Court or referral agency are followed, to submit progress reports and recommendations to the referral source as required.

All DAZ Providers of Therapeutic Supervised Visitations are Marriage and Family Therapists or Social Workers . All DAZ Providers comply with the training and education requirements of the California Association of Supervised Visitation Service Providers (CASVSP), the Superior Court of California’s Uniform Standards of Practice for Professional Providers of Supervised Visitation, and the Supervised Visitation Network’s Standards of Supervised Visitation Practices and Code of Ethics.

For more information about
Therapeutic Supervised Visitation, call:

424 239 6472

TSV or SV provided in your home, the community or in our offices.
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