Dear Harry,
My daughter and I never talked much. She had her friends and I had work; and it seemed as though we were just roommates, sharing the house and the car. I didn't know she needed me. I didn't see the signs until she came to my door one night and asked if we could have dinner at home together the next day. She told me her boyfriend broke up with her and she started to cry. She then informed me that I was going to be a grandma.... she was pregnant, with TWINS -  and she's only 17! I flew off the handle, yelling and yelling, and I briefly remember throwing my glass at the wall. I slammed doors, called her names, blamed her for her actions. I am still apologizing to her to this day for how horribly I acted. Your anger management course has given me so many tools to help mend the path back to a good relationship with my daughter, and I just wanted to say thank you. I usually handle stress and aggravation so well, but what I didn't know about myself then, I have learned through your class.  My granddaughters are beautiful, and my daughter has forgiven me only because of the progress I made in your class. I know I've already said it once, but thank you again. I would've hated to not be a part of my daughter's life as she is now becoming a mother.
Grandma Indebted
Long Beach, CA

I had a real anger problem. No one wanted anything to do with me, which I understand now, but I thought all my friends were the jerks. My wife and kids were always out of the house, and I guess I chalked that up to work and school... busy lives. I didn't realize I needed help until I was yelling at my boss calling him an idiot on the phone. Needless to say, I was lucky to have kept my job, but I did have to go to your classes to work out my "personality kinks". Well, thank goodness I did. My wife and kids are happier and we go out to movies and have family nights now, something I had never experienced before... not even in my own childhood.
Dad on the mend
Hawthorne, CA

My kids were a lot of trouble, problems at school, drugs; and they were super rude at home. I wanted to send them away to boarding school... or some boot camp to have them straightened out because I was sick of it. I was at the end of my rope when my friend suggested your parenting class. I learned how to talk to my kids, which I thought I had been all along, but your lecture on effective communication with teens... LIFE SAVER! I did not realize something as simple as eye contact could change so much. The kids always said they "heard" me, but now when we speak there is a respect in our talks that was not there before. Their grades are going up, slowly, yet surely. The shouting in the house is down. Kind of weird to see change so quickly when the lesson was so easy. Well, from my family to yours, thanks you!
Teen drama mamma,
Los Angeles, CA

My husband treats me badly. I could not take it anymore, but I guess I stayed and took more. I don't know why, but I still love him. Being in a group where other women were in the same situation helped me tremendously.  I was finally accepted. I was not being judged. I felt safe there. Not being told what to do for the first time helped me build a life for myself when I decided what to do with my situation at home.
Accepted and understood,
Torrance, CA

I raised my kids the way my parents raised me. I know that was not such a good "way" now. My children are important to me and your program has helped me change... just in time.
Grateful for help,
Manhattan Beach, CA

The thing I remember most from class was the quote the speaker said, "I'm glad you are here today. You cannot truly move on in your life until you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, welcome to being
 healthy and awake." I still tell that to myself. My own personal mantra. Healthy and totally awake,
Redondo Beach, CA

I guess my story is like anyone else's. Went through a divorce and the judge sent my wife and I to classes with you because we had some issues working out the details of our divorce. I think my lawyer said we were being "too loud" about our issues. My wife wanted full custody. I thought she was being inconsiderate and foolish. Luckily, your class stopped our fighting in front of the children. We may not have been in love with one another anymore, but we were damn good parents. We did not realize while we feuded and screamed at one because of so many of their night terrors. You helped my wife and I pay more attention to our actions; and the kids are sleeping more soundly today-- even if they are at her apartment one weekend and my apartment the next.
Sleeping soundly,
Marina del Rey, CA

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